Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

Meet Kendon

Meet Kendon

Kendon Hastings, the owner and operator of Living Stones Masonry, and a Red Seal Journeyman Bricklayer.

As a Red Seal journeyman bricklayer, Kendon’s certification is recognized across Canada and throughout the British Commonwealth. Having been actively employed in the masonry field the past 10 years, Kendon completed his journeyman certificate from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) in 2014.

What sets Kendon apart is his keen and conscientious attention to detail, accommodating nature, outstanding workmanship and desire to bring service excellence to clients big and small.  The growing list of client endorsements and testimonials lend credence to this goal.

Owner Kendon Hastings building fireplace

Final project to become a journeyman bricklayer in 2014

Kendon and Mackenzie family picture

Kendon, his wife Mackenzie and their daughter.


We are so pleased to present our most recent offering! Our murals are unique, and specially created for you. Craftsmanship that you can be proud of, adding value and appeal to your home. 


A quality fireplace is a feature that you can appreciate daily, which will last for many years. Our creative designs can perfectly fit your aesthetic tastes and add so much to your home or business.


A built-in barbeque, can be a feature and focal-point for your outdoor living space. Even when not in use, the beautiful stone adds texture, depth, colour, and life to your yard.


Brick brings a warmth and symmetry to your project and Stone is a primary accent choice for many. Bring a classic textured aesthetic with unmatched longevity to your home!

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