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Custom Murals

Kendon, our lead craftsman, pours his heart into creating custom stone murals and loves turning the beautiful scenery he discovers in the outdoors into ‘living’ murals to be enjoyed by all as a result. We would look forward to discussing with you further this unique blend of craftsmanship and art.

We are proud to introduce our newest product: custom stone murals! These murals are perfect for signs, feature walls or a centre piece above the fireplace for example.

We create each custom stone mural with the express goal of bringing your vision to life. First, sit down with us to discuss ideas and create a draft for the project. Second, we’ll gather stone in the right textures, colours, and finishes to execute the unique design. Lastly, see your vision realized as we bring our creativity to your location, setup and prep your space and create own unique masterpiece.

Just a few of our stone selections:

Here’s a sampling of stone options for your mural. Visit our suppliers below for more options, then jot down your favourites and click “order your mural” where you can send us your selections and contact info.


We’ve hand crafted many veneer stone variations to help make your design impeccable. (click image to view catalogue.)


Canadian and internationally-sourced stone products for any residential or commercial project. (click image to view catalogue.)


We are so pleased to present our most recent offering! Our murals are unique, and specially created for you. Craftsmanship that you can be proud of, adding value and appeal to your home. 


A quality fireplace is a feature that you can appreciate daily, which will last for many years. Our creative designs can perfectly fit your aesthetic tastes and add so much to your home or business.


A built-in barbeque, can be a feature and focal-point for your outdoor living space. Even when not in use, the beautiful stone adds texture, depth, colour, and life to your yard.


Brick brings a warmth and symmetry to your project and Stone is a primary accent choice for many. Bring a classic textured aesthetic with unmatched longevity to your home!

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